One Love Fit Club in Chino, Ca!!
5370 Schaefer Ave STE H, Chino, Ca 91710
One Love Fit Club in Chino, Ca!!
5370 Schaefer Ave STE H, Chino, Ca 91710
Chino/Chino Hills' #1 Fitness Kickboxing Program
Kickboxing Intro Special!
5 Kickboxing Classes for $29.99
+ a FREE pair of Gloves!!!
What is One Love Fit Club?
One Love Fit Club offers cutting-edge Personal Training programs and Fitness Kickboxing classes designed to help you reach your ultimate health and fitness goals. Our team of expert personal trainers in Chino will get you to...
  •  Burn Fat FAST
  •  Build LEAN Muscle
  •  BOOST Your Metabolism and HAVE FUN DOING IT
Got a Question, We have Answers...
I'm interested in the Kickboxing Program, how do I get started?
You can get started with our "Intro Special" of 5 Kickboxing Classes for $29.99 and you get a free pair of high quality gloves. This gives you a chance to try out our class, meet our instructors, see if you like our facility and after your first class we can go over pricing details if your were interested in continuing..
Are you a Fighters Gym? Is there any sparring or contact involved?
No, our classes are Fitness Based. You will learn Muay Thai Kickboxing Technique but will be doing mostly kicks and punches against bags and pads. Our classes also include cardio, strength, and resistance training that will help you LEAN DOWN and TONE UP!! A majority of our students ARE female, so it's not like a "fighter's gym" where there's a room full of guys fighting each other. So you can totally feel comfortable, not intimidated, and our instructors are always there to help and guide you.
I've never done anything like this before. I'm a beginner and don't currently work out, will I be ok to take this class?
Absolutely!! We get beginners in almost every single class. We set the classes so that any brand new person with no fitness or athletic background is able to take any one of our classes. For your first classes, we always recommend going slow, catching your breath, stopping if you have to, until you start getting use to the workouts.
Why One Love Fit Club?
No matter your fitness level, we’re here to help you achieve your most desired results!!!
 We tailor each workout program to fit your individual needs so you’ll never feel like you’re getting pushed beyond your limits or not getting challenged enough. You’ll not only increase your strength and energy, you’ll boost your metabolism and build endurance. Our Walnut gym specializes in improving your overall fitness by combining Personal Training and Kickboxing conditioning techniques with Fat burning exercises that are guaranteed to get you in great shape fast!! 
Come and see for yourself! LOCATED IN CHINO, CA!!!
5 Kickboxing Classes for $29.99
+ a FREE pair of Gloves!!!